Welcome to Adib Trading Company- Frankincense & Myrrh oil and resins  

Adib Trading Company - Frankincense and Myrrh Company is a Norwegian based entity that distills frankincense in Norway. We specializes in harvesting, production, processing and exportation of frankincense and myrrh in Somaliland and Somalia. This company is entirely owned and manned by a well-trained and qualified staff in the field of Environment and Social Sciences. When you deal with us, you deal with the local Somali frankincense producers directly.

Interested in our products? For queries regarding our frankincense essential oil, resins or hydrosol. Please send an email to info@adibtrade.com

Our Products 

       Boswellia Carterii Beyo

Also called olibanum, frankincense is an aromatic resin obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia,  Boswellia Carteri. The Boswellia trees grow in the wild without human intervention and are therefore 100% natural and organic. 

         Boswellia Frereana

 Boswellia Frereana is only found in Somalia where the locals call it Maydi. Frankincense Maydi, also referred to as the king of Frankincense, grows naturally in the wild. Frankincense Maydi is perfectly safe to chew as a gum. This helps fight gum diseases, strengthens teeth

     Myrrh Sarac Commiphora myrrha

Myrrh is used as incense, most especially in churches and as an ingredient in anointing oil for religious functions or ceremonies usually applied together with Frankincense.

       Mixed Boswellia Carterii Beyo

Also called olibanum, mixed Boswellia frankincense is our ungraded resin. 

Frankincense oil / Boswellia Carterii oil

Also called "king of oils", topical and internal use of Frankincense provides modern health benefits. It may also provide a soothing atomatic experience. 


Region of Sanag

Frankincense seeding

Frankincense  Carteri Beyo

Myrrh resin seeping after cutting

Frankincense Frereana resin

Frankincense  Carteri Beyo (trees)

The land of Frankincense